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This is my story

Born in Perú and raised in Argentina.

A traveler since very little.

I have always been very curious and as my mother say: "with a big inner world."

Could spend a long time on my own, and contemplating.

Meditation, pendulum dowsing and astrology came to my life in an esoteric center in Buenos Aires when I was 17. Metaphysics 4 in 1 and Chirology became my type of reading in the search of philosophical explanations.

Despite that spiritual call, my love for maths made me sign for Business Administration in the University and an M.B.A. in Business Strategy afterwards.

For over 11 years I worked in a Canadian bank in Lima, between Consumer & Micro Finance Business development and Integration of Financial Institutions (M&A).

A coaching program in the bank and many integrations in Perú and Uruguay made me find myself on complex processes of building a new bank and organizational changes side by side with leaders that would stay and others that collaborated fully without a future in the company.

My work involved project management and non-stop meetings for decisions to be made, and connecting with people was easy for me. Despite the stress we achieved big goals in short time, with commitment. And for the success something was key: emotional intelligence. A connection beyond budgets and hierarchy.

Wellbeing with an holistic approach:

On 2015 I became a wellness seeker: yoga every week & Ayurveda as nutrition for body and mind. Friends and colleagues witnessed a big change in my diet and mood, mindfulness practice and planned my next step… a big dream…

Around the world in 385 days.

An amazing journey were I found incredible teachers. One of them HH XIV Dalai Lama.

The sabbatical started in Colombia, then Spain, Germany, Denmark and a month in Norway (where I met my love and now husband).

The adventure continued in Belgium, the charming Tuscany and spectacular Jordan, were I felt like Indiana Jones in Petra, swan in the Death and Red Sea. And next stop would be a long inner journey in India.

Transpersonal Therapy.

I knew and felt that psychology should work together and I found in modern psychology an amazing blend to walk towards a more conscious living and peace of mind.

More than 9 months in India and South East Asia made clear the philosophy and tools I wanted to share: I practiced meditation on Tibetan monasteries, Vipassana, started studying buddhism and did a Yoga teacher training in an ashram in the sacred city of yoga Rishikesh.

I designed INNER Management program with steps for self-discovery to live a more present and fulfilling life.

I believe that to live a happy life and get the best of ourselves I need first to know myself: self-awareness.

Have been giving inHouse sessions on companies for Stress Relief. 

On 2017 I started a Meditation and Yoga Studio in Lima for private and grupal sessions where I was around 6 months a year, when I was not travelling to study in India.

I love what I do!

So I nurtured my psychotherapy sessions with tools that I helped me on my own path, along with many others: buddhism, mindfulness, ayurveda, family constelations, bioneuroemotion, regressions and meditation.

A new home: Norway.

I have been around the world for four years in order to study and improve my own practice in retreats, mainly in India, alone and taking a group in spiritual trips.

And on 2021 I changed my head quarters from Lima to Horten, Norway.

Yes! Big change! I married my love and now I attend patients and teach I.M., Meditation and Mindfulness in one of the oldest viking towns in Norway.

Thank you for reading my story!

We live a busy life and your time is an amazing gift.

I would love to hear your story too,

on Zoom or here in Horten,

would be my pleasure

to walk by your side

on steps to clarity and inner peace.

I speak english, italian and spanish.

And I'm currently studying norwegian!

Follow my travels on Instagram
Follow my travels on Instagram
I try to share what I have learn in Buddhism
I try to share what I have learn in Buddhism
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Sometimes I upload guided meditations on YouTube
Sometimes I upload guided meditations on YouTube
Join me in a spiritual trip to India!
Join me in a spiritual trip to India!
Date to be defined.
Last Spiritual Trip to India
Last Spiritual Trip to India
Amazing group on october 2019. Looking forward for the next one! #LiveLearnLove
Once in Cambodia
Once in Cambodia
Peak experience.